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Burn! Witches Burn!


The first single of the upcoming album "Magic" is now available. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEaRZZhUw-Q


Details to the full album see here!

Urban breed


A first impression!


Two studio reports from Rock It! Magazine and Stormbringer give a first impression of what Magic will sound like. Check them out here:

Rock It!



Stay tuned, the first single is released very soon!

Urban breed


Pre-order MAGIC now!


The cover artwork to the upcoming album Magic is revealed now and the album is also availble for pre-order at AFM already. Other stores will follow soon. All details see here.


Note that pre-ordering the album also helps to increase the chances that Serious Black can visit your neighborhood on tour as well! :)


Urban breed


...and whichever fucking band he sings for... 

Learn more about the bands Urban breed is currently singing for, was singing for and might be singing for sometime...


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...we're just putting on a show here... 

Looking for some music, Urban's discography, videos, lyrics or album reviews? Here we go...

...with some luck you also might find some very rare stuff. ;)


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...cruise the nightsky... 

Don't miss out Urban on the road and check the tour dates here!

Latest update: Magic World Tour dates (17.06.2017)


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...is that what you want?

Find here official merchandise of Urban breed, Serious Black and Project Arcadia.

Fan Section

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...come join the circuitry... 

Find here guitar tabs, bass tabs, polls and a guestbook.

Latest update: bass tab for 'High And Low'


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...time passes gently... 

What did Urban do before he joined Serious Black? Find out here.


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...sail away, sail on... 

Find here the links to facebook, youtube, twitter, all the bands etc.


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...speaking volumes to me... 

Care to leave a message? Then follow this link please.

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