Bloodbound is basically a Swedish band that was formed in 2004 by Fredrik Bergh and Tomas Olsson. The debut album Nosferatu with Urban breed as singer was released in 2005 and received raving reviews. A tour supporting Evergrey followed. In fall 2006 Urban annouced his departure from the band the sophomore album Book Of The Dead was recorded with the German singer Michael Bormann. However, he never did any live shows with Bloodbound. Instead, Urban agreed to help out and later on re-joined the band as a full member again. The third album Tabula Rasa was recorded and went into a different direction than both previous releases. Instead of the more straight-forward power metal this album has a much darker atmosphere and a heavier sound. Urban preferred this new style over the old one but the other band members wanted to conutinue with their old style. Thus, Urban left the band again and was replaced by Patrik Johansson, who is the singer ever since. With him on vocals they already released three more albums and also play live shows regularly.


Current members:

Patrik Johansson: Lead vocals

Tomas Olsson: Guitars

Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards, backing vocals

Pelle Åkerlind: Drums, backing vocals

Henrik Olsson: Guitars

Anders Broman: Bass, backing vocals


Past members:

Urban breed: Vocals (2005-2006, 2007-2010)

Johan Sohlberg: Bass (2006–2011)

Michael Bormann: Vocals (2007)

Oskar Belin: Drums (2005–2006)

Jörgen Andersson: Bass (2006)

Markus Albertson: Guitars (2006)

Kristian Andrèn: Vocals (2006)


War Of Dragons (2017)

Stormborn (2014)

In The Name Of Metal (2012)

Unholy Cross (2011)

Tabula Rasa (2009) - with Urban breed

Book Of The Dead (2007)

Nosferatu (2005) - with Urban breed