Project Arcadia

The history of Project Arcadia goes back several years, but the real starting point was in 2007, when guitarist Plamen Uzunov met singer Alexander Atanasov. In September 2008 the first Single "Not My Destiny" was released, followed by another single and the first full-length-album "From The Desert Of Desire" in 2009. After some line-up changes (drummer, 2nd guitarist) the next single "Shadows Of The Night" was released in May 2011. They continued working on the next album but due to time restrictions the singer Alexander Atanasov decided to part ways with the band in April 2012. A replacement was soon found in Urban breed. In October 2012 Project Arcadia already shot two videos with Urban and played a gig supporting Accept. In September 2014, the new album "A Time Of Changes" was released. Though most reviewers did not know the band before, pretty much every review that can be found online is full of praise. The first eight tracks are somewhat connected through a lyrical concept based on life, from birth to different experiences to death. A few gigs in Bulgaria followed in spring 2015. Hopefully there will be another album of these talented guys some day!


Urban breed: Vocals

Plamen Uzunov: Guitars

Villy Neshev: Guitars

Dobromir Paraskov: Bass

Daniel Dimitrov: Drums


A Time of Changes (2014) - with Urban breed

Shadows Of The Night (2011; CD Single)

From The Desert Of Desire (2009)

Without A Trace (2009; CD Single)

Not My Destiny (2008; CD Single)