Solo projects

Urban started also working on several songs for a solo album during his time in Tad Morose. However, if there will be a full length-album released with those songs is not known by now. But some of those songs can be found on the Serious Black albums "As Daylight Breaks" and "Mirrorworld". In case you want to know which ones they are... well, ok, here they are:

  • I Seek No Other Life
  • Akhenaton
  • Trail of Murder
  • Fly On
  • I Show You My Heart
  • As Long As I'm Alive
  • Mirrorworld


In May 2011, Urban has released one song called "The Last Days" on his website It's available for free in the 'Resources' section - for registered members.


In December 2012, Urban also released a beautiful Swedish christmas song.


Urban also did a few guest appearances on different albums over the years, details see right below.

Guest appearances


Urban appeared on the EP "Dreamwalker" of the female fronted progressive metal band Mindmaze, singing a duet version of the song "Dreamwalker" with Sarah Teets.



Urban did the vocals on the song "Silence the Wolves" on the album "Ophidia" of Nevermind. Check out the song at youtube or in the music section of this site.



Urban did the backing vocals on a few songs on the album "Carnage Carnival" of Memory Garden.



Urban did the backing vocals on a few songs on the album "Cold Light of Monday" of Wolverine.


Single songs released

När Det Lider Mot Jul (Det strålar en stjärna)(2012)

The Last Days (2011)