"It's comparison time! Or some kind of time anyway... :) (Isn't it always?)"

quote by Urban breed

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What is your favorite song on Mirrorworld

  • Breaking The Surface
  • As Long As I'm Alive
  • Castor Skies
  • Heartbroken Soul
  • Dying Hearts
  • You're Not Alone
  • Mirrorworld
  • Emotional Blackmail
  • The Life That You Want
  • State of My Despair
  • The Unborn Never Die
  • This Machine Is Broken
  • Hello Moon
  • Goodbye My Angel


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What is your favorite song on As Daylight Breaks

  • I Seek No Other Life
  • High And Low
  • Sealing My Fate
  • Temple of the Sun
  • Akhenaton
  • My Mystic Mind
  • Trail of Murder
  • As Daylight Breaks
  • Someone Else's Life
  • Setting Fire To The Earth
  • Older And Wiser
  • Listen To The Storm
  • Fly On
  • No Son Of Mine


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How did you learn about Serious Black?

  • I saw them live supporting Hammerfall.
  • I saw them live supporting Gamma Ray.
  • I saw them live supporting Kamelot.
  • I saw them live at a festival.
  • I found them incidentally on youtube/...
  • I "follow" the work of a band member.
  • None of the options above.


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Do you like Terry Pratchett?

  • Who is this guy?
  • I like most of his books.
  • I know him, but don't care about his books.
  • I'd like to live on the Discworld.
  • I think pink... or octarine...


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Results of recent polls

Poll - favorite album

We knew it, right? There is only one good album with Urban's vocals on it. :D I certainly did not expect that it will be such a close call...

Poll - A Time of Changes

And again, even to pick only one song of an album seems to be impossible...

Poll - Shades of Art

And again, and again, and again... Now shall we even start a new poll? :)