Serious Black - As Daylight Breaks


1. I Seek No Other Life

2. High And Low

3. Sealing My Fate

4. Temple Of The Sun

5. Akhenaton

6. My Mystic Mind

7. Trail of Murder

8. As Daylight Breaks

9. Someone Else's Life (Bonus)

10. Setting Fire To The Earth

11. Older And Wiser

12. Listen To The Storm

13. Fly On (Bonus)

14. No Son Of Mine (Bonus)


15. I Show You My Heart (Bonus Japan)


Urban breed: Vocals

Roland Grapow: Guitar

Dominik Sebastian: Guitar

Jan Vacik: Keyboards

Mario Lochert: Bass

Thomen Stauch: Drums

Release dates

2015-01-16 Europe

2015-01-20 USA


Produced by Serious Black;

All music and lyrics written by Serious Black, except "No Son Of Mine" written by Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks


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Additional information

  • Contrary to popular belief the last song "No Son Of Mine" is only sung by Jan Vacik.
  • A limited box-set of only 100 pieces worldwide was released as well.
  • Some additional credits that are unfortunately not stated anywhere:
    • Ude Simon - music for "Sealing My Fate", "Someone Else's Life" and "Setting Fire To The Earth"
    • Markus Albertson - music for "Trail of Murder"
    • Markus Albertson - words and music for "I Seek No Other Life"
    • Daniel Olsson - music for "Older And Wiser"


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