Trail of Murder - Shades of Art


1. Shades of Art

2. Carnivore

3. Lady Don't Answer

4. Mab

5. I Know Shadows

6. Your Silence

7. Higher

8. The Song You Never Sang

9. Nightmares I Stole

10. Child of Darkest Night

11. Some Stand Alone

12. My Heart Still Cries


Urban breed: Vocals

Daniel Olsson: Guitars

Pelle Åkerlind: Drums

Hasse Eismar: Guitars

Johan Bergkvist: Bass

Release date

2012-10-26 Worldwide


Produced by Urban breed, Daniel Olsson & Pelle Åkerlind;

Arranged by Urban breed, Daniel Olsson & Pelle Åkerlind;

Vocal arrangements and lyrics by Urban breed, except "The Song You Never Sang" by Urban breed & Daniel Olsson

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