Modus Vivendi - Lyrics

1. Anubis 

2. No Mercy 

3. Afraid To Die 

4. Clearly Insane 

5. Cyberdome 

6. Take On The World 

7. Mother Shipton's Words 

8. Unwelcome Guest 

9. Life In A Lonely Grave 

10. When The Spirit Rules The World



1. Anubis


It's your face that I see
In the mist, in my dreams
I am moved into tears
Why are you calling me?




When I listen, I hear
What I see is your fear
Take my hand, come with me
Tell me why can't you see...?

Oh, no...
You say don't you worry
but I know what it means
There in my dreams




Imperfect harmony

This timeless symphony

As power surges through me

I raise my head and scream

Don't tell me you're sorry

and I know what it means

It's really no dream





2. No Mercy


I came to seek 'mong mortal
men for souls like you
And I have seen just what it means
In pain, in agony, a broken heart is true
and even then you cannot see

No, not too long ago
I found you in my dreams
I came your way to help you see
Find perfect harmony
Find balance, peace of mind
But then you threw away the key

'Said take this wizardry
This magic of a kind
I have a statement for you


No mercy!

No! No!

No mercy!


Why lend a helping hand?
You know they snap and bite
And break your heart, well add that too
Strangers like demons bow down
and when they do
They'd love to have a piece of you



3. Afraid To Die


Don't you ever, no don't forget
You know I mean it
The subtle fear we feel
The sudden rift inside
In the remnants of this broken mind
I lie here still afraid to die

Once you promised
and I will hold you to it
Do you remember
how I savoured every word?
You stand beside me
but I fear you cannot face me
Time's no longer on my side


Time runs out

Without you by my side

There's naught to say

I cannot turn this tide

And now I know

We're just putting on a show here

It's no use now

I'm still afraid to die


I am telling you

Oh yes, I am telling you
There comes a time
when we must face what we've become
In silent mutiny
you stonewall everything, I mean
What's left unsaid has hurt me
Oh, beyond compare

So when I say to you
I'll make you pay, it's true
You'd better listen
these may be my final words
Make no mistake my friend
I'll hold you 'til the bitter end
Oh, face the music
Get a grip now, say farewell



4. Clearly Insane


Come it is time
the sun will rise, and fall
and in the night we hide
The shadows call
Don't turn away
Don't speak a word
And you'll be safe with me
And through the night we glide
Look! There's another light
Come see what we can be

Night after night
we shun day, the sun
Each generation will come
My race to run
Degeneration of the mind
And in the flesh we share
Whatever we may find

Worship your masters
Dance in the flames
Live through this nightmare
Playing their game
Follow the blind man
Time and again
Take to this madness


Clearly insane

Take to this madness

Surrender your soul

I say the time has come

for all of you



5. Cyberdome


All alone in the cyberdome
Try to make it if you can
Dropped the bomb and headed straight for home
So you had no masterplan

Roll the bones and then you ask her home
Try to shake her if you can
Walk her home but the magic's gone
There's your brilliant masterplan

To the ones we left behind
I can only say I'm sorry


Was it worth it all?

I don't know

Oh, I don't know

Do we care at all?

I don't know

Oh, I don't know

Still alone in this cyberdome
Try to move me if you can
Head for home but your friend's long gone
So there was no backup plan



6. Take On The World


Come join the circuitry it's me
Yes I've left the old ways, roaming free
Let us reach out one more time
Raise our banners, hold 'em high

This is your one chance to be free
So shout it out! Yeah! Leave me be
For all we know all hell might freeze
It makes no difference don't you see
Just set us free...


We shake the ground

Break up the clouds

Take On The World

Let it roll

In a differnt time

We made the sign

Shook the world

Let it roll


Take your chances, spin the wheel
Too much pressure, here's the deal
For all we know all hell might freeze
It makes no difference don't you see
Just set us free...



7. Mother Shipton's Words


Can I foretell the future?
I often feel it
Who bares his teeth and kills
Prevail next time
You and I we've seen the past
She saw the future
She knew, she saw its stare

Carry words through time and beyond
Tell their tale, sing their song
And in this realm on the hill, we'll be
Covered in blood, you will see


Tyrants shall rise

and tyrants shall fall

Each sprung from his dynasty

Wars will be planned

The sword sweep the land

Black, red, green


Mother Shipton's words


How come you see the past
Is it still with you?
Tomorrow's racing fast
Will you be there?


For seven days and seven nights we watch this sight

Then we incinerate, the dragon's breath alight

But then a time will come when all of this is gone

Man will forget and smile and once more carry on...



8. Unwelcome Guest


Straight down, it’s pitch black inside
A pulse, they're tracking me down
Look into the night
Where horror resides

This night, this blackness so tight
So close now, the MT’s alight
I'm all out of flares
My battery's run dry

Sent on this mission for one
I'm lost and here all alone
There's no time to waste
Press on through this madness

Shutdown, a crackling weird sound
They come but somehow I'm stuck
Like someone once said
Oh, please God help me


Unwelcome guest

Die die, now die!

Unwelcome guest

Die now


They move in the shadows

But there's something else in here

You become the hunted

Reading's all wrong

Man is this wrong

Your eyes hurt

Your eyes hurt



9. Life In A Lonely Grave


Life in a Lonely Grave
In the wake of Armageddon
We survived but was it worth it all?
I've seen the light, clear and bright
but where am I now?

Earth is shaking, and you worry
Disbeliever steer well clear of me
I've seen the light, clear and bright
but there's darkness now

Is this life for the dying?
This is life for the deceased


If you ask me

I know this is life in a lonely grave

Life in a lonely grave

You know, I know

And we all bleed


Oh make an angel of me

Or let my soul cease to be

I'm not in play anymore... 


Under the land of the free
Their minions, their slaves are we
Do as you will
Do as you please
Covert or plain to see
Such is the irony
There's evil and there's evil
Some smile, some bleed


If you ask me

I know this is life in a lonely grave

Life in a lonely grave

Life in a lonely grave

This is life in the shelters

This is life in agony

This is life for the hungry

This is life and we all bleed


This is life for the dying

This is life for the deceased

This is life for the holy

This is life in sanctity



10. When The Spirit Rules The World


In the darkness my mind goes on
Chasing memories I've lost
Lived my life now I pay the cost
in the spirit world

When she calls me I must be gone
Speak in tongues I don't know
So I ask you could I be wrong
Must be something I've done


When the spirit rules the world

and your prayers have all been heard

I'm still turning in my sleep

Ooh, what wrong have I done


Mystic hands surely rule my fate
and I wait for the day
Had I known, had I not been late
Oh but surely I'd strayed