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"Great execution, crystal clear production and talented musicians make Serious Black a reliable and fun band to listen. Serious Black will most definitely not sweep you off your feet with deep, meaningful insights in the form of music, but rest assured that ‘Mirrorworld’ is guaranteed fun, as power metal should be." 8/10

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"The serious mea.sure of a reflective surface.

The chief drawback to this album is that it's way too short, though this problem is redressed and then some for those who get the limited box set version of this baby, which comes with five additional studio songs, some of which are actually even stronger than some of the ones that made it onto the standard release." 86/100 Read more (metal-archives)

"Trotz geradezu überragender Vocalperformance von Urban Breed erreicht „Mirrorworld“ die Klasse des Vorgängers „As Daylight Breaks“ nicht ganz." 4/5 Read more (stormbringer)