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The Hidden Gems

Well, you have been told not to come here, still you are here. Now that you have followed this way to Caldwell Town, the curse is yours to keep.

This town here, actually not Caldwell Town at all, has three districts you can explore below. You might find here a few songs and stuff you perhaps have not seen or heard before...

...and you might never forget anymore. Now check it out if you dare! :)

1. Hardly known songs

Here are four rare songs that are available on youtube and we thought we could share them with you here.

Tad Morose - A Lesser Evil

(Demo 1998):

Tad Morose - We Watch The Well Die

(Demo 1998):

Tad Morose - Power Of The Night (Savatage)

(released 2002 on the album Reflections):

Mark "M.E." Edwards - Tears of Allah

(16.09.2011 live in Atlanta, USA):

2. Only released on the forum-website

Check out one of Urban's own songs called Soulburner and his take on Left Outside Alone from Anastacia. Both songs were (or perhaps still are) availble on Urban's official forum site.

Urban breed - Soulburner
A nice hard rock song that Urban once posted on his forum...
Urban breed - Soulburner.mp3
MP3 Audio File 5.8 MB
Urbanastacia - Left Outside Alone
A sample that Urban just did for fun, interesting nonetheless...
Urbanastacia-Left Outside Alone.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.4 MB

3. Only available here and now

And here is something very special that has not been released anywhere yet. So this might be your only opportunity to ever hear it. :)

Urban breed - Akhenaton
A mystic, Egyptian sounding track... the demo of the song released with Serious Black!
Urban breed - Akhenaton.mp3
MP3 Audio File 6.9 MB