Tad Morose

Tad Morose were formed in 1991 by Christ 'Krunt' Andersson in Bollnäs, Sweden. Their style in the early days can probably be best described as progressive power metal. With Kristian 'Krille' Andrén on vocals they released their first two albums Leaving The Past Behind and Sender Of Thoughts. When 'Krille' left the band he was replaced by Urban breed, who then made his first appearance in the metal scene with the album A Mended Rhyme in 1997. The replacement of the keyboarder with a second guitarist (Daniel Olsson) also the style of the band changed on their next release Undead (2000), being heavier and more powerful instead of progressive. The next two albums Matters Of The Dark (2002) and Modus Vivendi (2003) continued and perfectioned that style. Especially Modus Vivendi is still the favorite release of many fans, containing masterpieces like Anubis, Afraid To Die or Take On The World. Unfortunately that was the last album with Urban on vocals, as he announced his departure from the band in 2005. Tad Morose had to face several line-up changes and a long absence followed. Eventually, in 2013, a new album called Revenant with Ronny Hemlin on vocals was released. The band is now more active again and already released another album in 2015 (St. Demonius).


Current members:

Ronny Hemlin: Vocals

Christer 'Krunt' Andersson: Guitars

Markus Albertson: Guitars

Tommi Karpanen: Bass

Peter Morén: Drums


Past members:

Markus Albertson: Guitar (2008-2010)

Joe Comeau: Vocals (2006-2008)

Daniel Olsson: Guitar, keyboards, bass (1998-2007)

Urban breed: Vocals, vocoder, keyboards (1996-2005)

Fredrik 'Frippe' Eriksson: Keyboards (1993-1998)

Kristian 'Krille' Andrén: Vocals (1991-1995)

Per-Ola 'Rossi' Olsson: Bass (1991-1995)

Dan-Erik 'Danne' Eriksson: Drums (1991-1994)

Anders 'Wispen' Westlund: Vocals (1991-1992)


St. Demonius (2015)

Revenant (2013)

Modus Vivendi (2003) - with Urban breed

Matters Of The Dark (2002) - with Urban breed

Undead (2000) - with Urban breed

Reflections (2000; compilation)

A Mended Rhyme (1996) - with Urban breed

Paradigma (1995)

Sender Of Thoughts (1994)

Leaving The Past Behind (1993)