Project Arcadia - A Time of Changes


1. Here To Learn

2. Shelter Me

3. I Am Alive

4. Beggars At The Door

5. The Ungrateful Child

6. Timeless

7. Joy (instrumental)

8. A Time of Changes

9. Formidable Foe

10. The Deal

11. Shadows Of The Night


Urban breed: Vocals

Plamen Uzunov: Guitars

Villy Neshev: Guitars

Dobromir Paraskov: Bass

Daniel Dimitrov: Drums

Release dates

2014-09-09 North America

2014-09-26 Worldwide


Produced by Plamen Uzunov;

Arranged by Plamen Uzunov, Dobromir Paraskov and Daniel Dimitrov;

Vocal arrangements by Urban breed;

All lyrical concepts by Plamen Uzunov, except lyrics for "Formidable Foe" by Urban breed;

Lyrical adaption and realization by Urban breed

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