Trail of Murder

Trail of Murder started as a project by Urban breed and Daniel Olsson back in 2007. Drummer Pelle Åkerlind joined them shortly afterwards. The trio started to write the songs for the debut album "Shades of Art" without an additional bass player for the time being. After recording and mixing the songs they decided to look for a second guitarist and a bass player to have a full line-up. With Hasse Eismar and Johan Bergquist the line-up was completed. The album "Shades of Art" got numerous, raving reviews worldwide and probably marked Urban's best album at that time. After some live shows the band is currently working on their sophomore album. Due to time restrictions unfortunately without Urban breed on vocals.


Current members:

???: Vocals
Daniel Olsson: Guitars, backing vocals
Pelle Åkerlind: Drums, backing vocals

Hasse Eismar: Guitars, backing vocals

Johan Bergkvist: Bass, backing vocals


Past members:

Urban breed: Vocals 


Shades Of Art (2012)