Urban breed was born as Urban breed (yes, that is his real name) in Sweden sometime in the 20th century.


Main scenes

His first appearance in the metal scene was in 1996 when he joined Tad Morose (based in Bollnäs, Sweden), replacing their singer Kristian Andrén. In 1997, they released the album "A Mended Rhyme" that features progressive power metal mainly driven by guitars and keyboards. On the following album "Undead", released in 2000, the style of the band got less progressive, heavier, darker and the keyboard was replaced by another guitar. These trademarks were also audible on "Matters of the Dark", released in 2002. Only a year later "Modus Vivendi" was released and showed their style in perfection: pure heavy metal songs with a dark vibe and at times slightly progressive. In late 2005 Urban announced his departure from the band.


Also in 2005, Urban joined Bloodbound and contributed the vocals to their debut called "Nosferatu". The songs on this album mostly resemble Helloween (melodies) and Iron Maiden (galloping rhythms). Although Urban already left the band again in the next year he agreed in 2007 to do a live show with them which lead him to become a full member of the band again. Bloodbound's next album "Tabula Rasa" was released in 2009 and showed them with a more mature and heavier sound. Still catchy melodies throughout, but the obvious influences were gone now. However, the other band members wanted to go back to the style of "Nosferatu", which somewhat forced Urban to quit the band for the second time, as he certainly preferred the style of "Tabula Rasa".


Back in 2007 Urban announced a new formed band called Trail Of Murder. The band at that time consisted of Daniel Olsson whom Urban already worked with in Tad Morose and Pelle Åkerlind who also played with Urban in Bloodbound. It took some time until their debut album was finished and released in the fall of 2012. By this time they also enlarged the band with a second guitarist and a bass player to be ready to hit he road. Some gigs followed in 2013. Unfortunately Urban left the band in 2014 and they are since working on their sophomore album with a new singer.


In 2012 Urban also joined Project Arcadia, a Bulgarian metal band that had released one album at that time. This band plays slightly progressive heavy metal with a dose of 80's metal included. The work on their second album also included the shooting of four videos, the first time Urban did some official videos with a band. The album "A Time of Changes" was released in September 2014, followed by a few gigs in Bulgaria in spring 2015.


In summer 2014 Urban announced that he is the singer of a new founded band called Serious Black, which features amongst others Roland Grapow (known from bands like Helloween and Masterplan) on guitar and Thomen Stauch (known form Blind Guardian) on drums. The debut album "As Daylight Breaks" was released in January 2015, followed by a European tour as support of Hammerfall. The sophomore album "Mirrorworld" was released in September 2016, this time followed by their first European Headliner Tour. In 2017, Serious Black are already working on the next album which will be released in August 2017. It will be entitled "Magic" and another European tour will follow to promote the album. See all tour dates here.



Side scenes

Urban contributed some backing vocals on a few songs on the albums "Cold Light of Monday" (in 2003) and "Carnage Carnival" (in 2008) from Wolverine, a Swedish metal band.


Also in 2008, Urban replaced singer Matthew Barlow in Pyramaze, a Danish progressive power metal band and also played a few gigs with them later that year. However, maily due to timing problems Pyramaze continued their work on their fourth album with another singer.


Urban also was a part of Dark Empire for a few months in 2010. Dark Empire play a blend of power metal, progressive death metal and thrash metal. Unfortunately, due to creative differences the demos he recorded there will possibly never be released.


On Neverland's album "Ophidia", released in 2010, Urban can be heard as guest vocalist on the second song "Silence The Wolves", performing the main as well as the backing vocals.


In 2015, Urban appeared on the EP "Dreamwalker" of the female fronted progressive metal band Mindmaze, singing a duet version of the song "Dreamwalker" with Sarah Teets.