Matters of the Dark - Lyrics

1. Sword Of Retribution

2. Matters Of The Dark

3. Ethereal Soul

4. I Know Your Name

5. In The Shadows

6. Another Way

7. New Clear Skies

8. Riding The Beast

9. Reason Of The Ghost

10. The Devil's Finger

11. Don't Pray For Me



1. Sword Of Retribution


Cruise the nightsky
the blackest space
All for the Emperor
upon the golden throne
Alterate me
Second phase
Among the stars
throughout the realm there´s only war

my flesh is numb
Now give the order
Tell it!
Say what must be done
There is no mercy
So turn and run
Your absolution´s down the barrel of my gun


Into a brave new world

Sail away, sail on

and 'til we've saved the world

So far away

we'll be sailing the nightskies



Take your sword
Brace for impact
Hold this course we´re in for more
Fire lances
Satan at the door
Litany, machinery
Cut my soul away



2. Matters Of The Dark


It is a cycle of destruction
Rarely in control
A time for termination
and the filth that fill your soul
A menacing society
Like a meeting with your mind
Make us all your slaves tomorrow
Would you be so kind

Matters of the dark


Your flesh and your soul will burn

Is there nothing I can say

To matters of the dark you turn

No you can't walk away


Call out to your father

Or those that lived before
Then ask them how to leave me
Just how to shut the door
Then watch as I deliver
A stunning sight indeed
Yes all your bloodstained souls are mine
There's nothing else I need



3. Ethereal Soul


Do believe her
She´s telling you to go, go
Don't just stand there
Your life´s on the line and
When you leave here
Your body´s screaming no, no
Just go on don´t look over your shoulder

What´s her secret
Just can´t tell can you
She´s the seer
The voice of what´s coming
Who’s the maker
Just don´t know do you
Someone called her the bringer of reason

I do not know at all
but I do know this


I believe in my ethereal soul

singing as one

Flesh and spirit alike


Why I meet her

I tell you I don´t know, know
Make your stand here
Your life´s on the line and
If you leave here
You’d better take it slow, slow
Turn your back
and at last you will know her



4. I Know Your Name


So much higher and in too deep
Make believe is what I believe in
I stalk you now, but what if I leave
Don't ask me to carry you further

You don't mind, do you
if I watch you sleep?
You know, your secrets
are all safe with me
Temptation and to you I creep
What I leave will carry you further


I know you

I know your name

Before we start this game

Just one more thing to say

Control makes all the same

I know your name


You don't know do you?

I know who you are
It's such a thin, thin line
That keeps us apart
As I near you I know what to do
No more secrets
and no more delusions



5. In The Shadows


For the fathers of wisdom are lost
And the magic of freedom is gone
Can a time that you spend on your own
Heal the heart and the mind set in stone

With the sign of the cross over me
Let the magic I need always be
When they say that the one must be three
Can a knight and a cross set you free

And once you have crossed over
Forever you will stay


In the shadows

Let the magic always be

In the shadows

Crossing over, over

In the shadows

One touch will set you free

If you need me

I'm standing in the shadows


Does the book that you read speak of hell

Will the life that you lead do as well
Do the stars make a difference somehow
Will you hide in their light, ooh

Oh once you have crossed over
Forever you will stay


and they say that the damned are all free

We know it's meant to be

The Magic's touching me

We're standing in the shadows



6. Another Way


I don't believe you
there is no end to your lies
I won't believe you
and there's no one here I trust
and I want my freedom

I can't escape but
I must live here all along
Out in the dark
I stand and I must remain strong
to fight for our freedom

Each day we face them
building empires of the night
No bombshells, gunfire
and there's no fire burning bright


It's just another way

I said another way

Just like the other day

Now I don't want it

Now can you hear me say

They found another way

Another way to build the Reich


They almost made it last time

Now they turn to strike
They say it's all for freedom
This I do not like
cause I fear its evil

I don't believe you
There is something in your eye
You think you know me
and the way I feel inside
and I know you're evil



7. New Clear Skies


Mine is the seventh
Yes I'm divine
I roam the heavens
and I survive
Unleash the spirits
Litter the skies
Old world in ruins
I'll be your guide...

Conjure the demon
Let dragons fly
Mislead the children
Comfort the blind
Lets meet the Maker
Do take your time
This cup so bitter
See how we shine


And in a blaze we go

The stars will show

No compromises

And you and I will know

this power show

New sky arises


Watch me deliver

Always on time
Mislead the children
Light up the sky
Cold-blooded fathers
Cold-hearted sons
Call on the wizard
It has begun
I blind the sun



8. Riding The Beast


Time after time and once again
See all the while they feed us only lies
Twelve stars all plain to see
and in my heart I fear
yes we all fear
the war's not truly over

In the streets we see the signs
and on the screen they spill it out
Forever lost it seems
and deep inside you know
What we all know
The war's not truly over

We've heard it all before
Shut up and lock that door
and when you feel secure
The wounded beast arises


Over the water, over the sea

Over the water, riding the beast

Over the water, over the sea

Over the water she goes

Riding the beast


All the while, well I don't know but

I believe we wait too patiently
Near the end of time
Watch her ride the waves of infamy
Over the sea, rise above us all


I was born in the fold of the beast

We've heard it all before

Can you see what I see


9. Reason Of The Ghost


Look to the children
They shine forevermore
The light in their eyes
Can open up the door
Light our way

Lost in the night
We watch how they play
Mystic moon in the sky
Hear what I say
Don´t go, don´t go away


Is there no reason

Reason of the Ghost

I see no reason

Reason of the Ghost

Is there no reason

Reason of the Ghost

Oh, save our souls


They have magic and games
They´ve hope for the day
Don´t hand them their dreams
Just to take them away
Don´t tell them the lion is rugged and pale
Tell them you’re dreaming


Is there no reason

Reason of the Ghost

I see no reason

Reason of the Ghost

Is there no reason

Reason of the Ghost

Oh, save our souls


They´re hungry, they´re poor
They stand in the rain
They wait for they´re sure
the pain stays the same
Step into the night
and live with the shame
Their tears have all dried
but are they ok


Reason of the Ghost



10. The Devil's Finger


Where are all the friendly faces now?
We´re the same… we´re all the same
Close the circle… join the game

At the Devil’s Inn
There´s a room for you
and there’s a table’s set
And they want you too
Then the keeper smiles
And I believe in Hell
This is where you stand
This is where you end

At the Devil’s Inn
When the night is new
Yes, when the door slams shut
And they turn on you
Then the keeper smiles
And you believe in Hell
This is where you stand
This is where you end


Touch our circle as we lie

Touch our lives we don't know why

Dance in circles in the sky


Where are all the friendly faces now?

We're the same... we're all the same

Touch me now I'll make you dance somehow

At the Devil’s Inn

When the night is new
Right! When the moon is full
and they turn on you
Then the Devil smiles
Yeah we belong in Hell
This is where we stand
This is where we end


Touches me touches you

While we do what we do

Still we fly, do we know why



11. Don't Pray For Me


‘twas no mistake I heard them say
We’ll take away tomorrow
And make each day just fade away
As lesser demons follow
We steal the sky, we circle high
We never fill the poor soul
In misery, sweet misery
Let lesser demons follow

They spoke of how a great cabal
Make mountains shake and crumble
The days on earth for what they're worth
Make angels scared and humble
It's fair to say that any day
Can tear your life asunder
In misery, sweet misery
As lesser demons wander


And if the stakes are high now

Just take them higher

And if the walls come down

Don't wait for me

To feel the sun embrace you

Heats my desire

So when the walls come down

Don't pray for me


These written words can all be heard

So listen well and follow
I swear by God's Almighty Son
That lesser demons wallow
What if I say, today's the day
Tomorrow's not tomorrow
In misery, sweet misery
Today is when we follow