Serious Black Magic


1. Burn! Withces Burn!

Release date: 06.07.2017

2. Serious Black Magic

Release date: 09.08.2017

3. The Witch Of Caldwell Town

Release date: 25.08.2017

The album


1. With A Tip Of The Hat

2. Binary Magic

3. Burn! Witches Burn!

4. Lone Goneman Rule

5. Now You'll Never Know

6. I Can Do Magic

7. Serious Black Magic

8. Skeletons On Parade

9. Mr. Nightmist

10. The Witch Of Caldwell Town

11. True Love is Blind

12. Just Kill Me

13. Newfound Freedom 

14. One Final Song


15. Fire & Ice (Bonus Track Japan)


Bonus album Digipak: Live in Atlanta

Special bonus album: First Light (acoustic), available only with the Fan-Box limited to 500 copies

release date: 25.08.2017

Cover Artwork


Urban breed: Vocals

Bob Katsionis: Guitar

Dominik Sebastian: Guitar

Jan Vacik: Keyboards

Mario Lochert: Bass

Alex Holzwarth: Drums

Available editions of the album

The album is available in various editions:

  • Special Fan-Box including 3 CDs* (limited to 500 copies)
  • Standard Jewelcase
  • Limited Digipak (2 CDs°)
  • Vinyl Black (limited to 250 copies)
  • Vinyl White (limited to 250 copies)

* incl. bonus CDs "Live in Atlanta" and "First Light" (acoustic album)

° incl. bonus CD "Live in Atlanta"  


You can pre-order your copy at AFM records already.


Tracklist Bonus CD "Live in Atlanta"

1. Temple of the Sun (Intro)

2. Akhenaton

3. Castor Skies

4. Older and Wiser

5. Trail of Murder

6. As Long As I'm Alive

7. Sealing My Fate

8. I Seek No Other Life

9. Setting Fire to the Earth

10. High and Low

11. As Daylight Breaks (Outro)

Tracklist Bonus CD "First Light"

1. Temple of the Sun

2. Akhenaton

3. Setting Fire to the Earth

4. Heartbroken Soul

5. Dying Hearts

6. Hello Moon

7. I Show You My Heart

8. High And Low

9. Sealing My Fate

Making Of Serious Black Magic

Release date: 22.08.2017

A Walk Through The Album

Release date: 24.08.2017

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